About Liberty

Liberty Nut Butter was created to solve a problem that most people didn’t even know they had. The problem was that millions of people every day were consuming low quality, high preservative and additive, tasteless nut butters. The solution was to create a rich and creamy product that used only the highest quality ingredients, nuts and all natural sweetener.

Our Mission

After becoming more aware of our own health concerns and learning about the things we were putting into our bodies, we made it our mission to find ways to replace our standard food stuffs with homemade, hand crafted, health conscious products.

When we started looking for these products on the shelves (and online) we noticed that plenty of companies were making the claim that their products were healthy but, in fact they still used additives and ingredients that we didn’t want in our bodies. The only logical conclusion was for us to start making our own health food products and nut butters were at the top of the list. 

We went out and sourced some of the best organic material we could find. Ensuring that the companies we purchased from used healthy and ethical farming practices. Then we decided to use a more traditional processing method so that we could enhance the health benefits of these wonderful premium quality ingredients. Finally, we ended up creating a product that was so good, and so good for us, that we decided to share it with our friends and family which lead to needing to increase our production size and sharing it with the rest of the world.


Hand Crafted

There are a million ways to butter a nut. But, there is only one process that truly preserves the quality, taste, and health benefits of organic nuts. Large industrial milling processes leave out important steps in nut preparation and processing. Nuts contain a naturally occurring “anti-nutrient” called phytic acid. When this chemical is in your body it actually binds with the nutrients and minerals you want from the nut and prevents your body from absorbing it! Luckily, the process for breaking down that acid actually solves the other problem most people have with commercially produced nut butters, taste. If you are like us, you’ve tried other companies products and said, “it doesn’t taste as good, but at least it’s healthy.” Unfortunately, like us, you were probably wrong about that too. Truly healthy organic nut butter is actually delicious. By processing the material correctly, using only totally organic and natural ingredients, and avoiding chemicals and additives like hydrogenated oils, Liberty Nut Butter has once and for all solved the battle between healthy and tasty.

“Simply the Best!”

Our promise to you. Our product is the best tasting, and healthiest, that you will find on the market. We will never compromise quality or health to save a buck. Guaranteed.


A Cottage Food Business located in Florida, USA.



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