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Why is my nut butter “runny”?

Nuts have beautiful natural oils that are actually really good for you. However, the natural oils in nuts can make the butter they produce thinner and doesn’t preserve the product as long. Depending on the amount of natural oils in the base nut, depends on the consistency of the butter it produces.

What is hydrogenated oil?

Hydrogenated oils are natural oils and fats that are turned into solid fats by adding hydrogen. They act as a food preservative and affect texture. This process turns healthy unsaturated fats into saturated fats and significantly reduce the health benefits of all-natural organic nut butters.  

Unsaturated, saturated…huh?

Saturated fats have molecular structures that help keep them solid. This is why your typical commercial nut butters (especially peanut butter) has a nice thick spreadable consistency. However, they are also more likely to cause insulin resistance and clog arteries. Unsaturated fats stay liquid at room temperature and have many health benefits to the human body.

Do I need to refigerate my nut butter?

We highly recommend that you keep your Liberty Nut Butter in the refrigerator. Because of our commitment to not using preservatives your nut butter will last 4-6 months in the fridge but, we can only promise 4 weeks of safe use if it is stored, for long periods of time, at normal room temperatures.

What’s wrong with sugar?

In our opinion? Everything. Humans, most especially Americans, consume more processes sugars than any other population on the planet. Endless research shows that refined and processed sugars are hard for the body to metabolize and are the leading cause of inflammation, obesity, and heart disease.

So, why is your product so sweet?

Just because refined sugar is bad for us doesn’t mean we don’t have a sweet tooth too! So, we decided to find the healthiest all-natural, zero sugar, zero calorie, sweetener available to help balance the earthy and delicious natural flavor of our organic nuts. The result? An exceptionally tasty, sweet, savory, and healthy nut butter that you can’t get enough of. 


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